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Scribetech works in partnership with the NHS and independent Health sector organisations to deliver digital dictation, speech recognition and clinical transcription and clinical coding services. We provide a fully managed and flexible service for the creation, easy transfer, retrieval, processing management and analysis of clinical documents.

We know that our customers need a cost effective, highly accurate and rapid solution. We are acutely aware of their challenges and issues so tailor our clinical document management and delivery services around their current and emerging needs, working hard to integrate seamlessly with their systems to deliver meticulous documentation services seven days a week.

Ultimately, providing a cost effective, highly accurate and rapid solution is at the heart of what Scribetech does.

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Scribetech offers a range of services which have been specifically created to cover all clinical transcription needs. We work closely with our clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their requirements before recommending and deploying one, or a flexible combination of our services;

Clinical Transcription

Clinical transcription

The most broadly used service, in which audio recording is supplied to one of our clinically experienced transcribers who creates, checks and supplies the final document.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition

Our bespoke speech recognition technology is tightly integrated into our digital dictation platform giving you an automatic and accurate way to create clinical documents without the need for manual transcriber involvement.

Digital Dictation

Digital dictation

Our end-to-end transcription service which manages the entire process from the creation of digitally encrypted voice recording through to delivery of the completed document.

Clinical coding

Our expertise in clinical coding allows for the efficient translation of information from hospital case notes into codes. All in full partnership with coding departments and in compliance with the specified standards.


Established in 2002 we are perfectionists, unashamedly and meticulously so, because we know we have a critical role to play in the management of our customer's patients. As a result, we have three fundamental service cornerstones dedicated to ensuring that the work we do is right every time, and place quality assurance and security at the heart of what we do.

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"In the NHS we have to consider whether we are making the best use of public money. I'm happy that what we're doing (with Scribetech) is getting value for money for the NHS"
Jen Allan, Project Lead, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
"I am more than happy to recommend continuing to use Scribetech transcription services for the quality of the service, its punctuality and reliability."
Emilio Porphiri, Consultant Oncologist, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
"People need to change the way they work; this is a perfect tool for high volume dictation"
Dr. David Mutimer, Consultanr Hepatologist, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust


All customer's needs are different. So we work in close partnership with each to ensure our software customises and integrates seamlessly with existing clinical systems to produce high-quality finished documents, whether you are looking for small single department solutions, or Trust-wide dictation, speech recognition and outsourcing platforms with full workflow management.

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Serving you with confidence

Ultimately, it's through our expertise and our customer-centred approach that increases our customer's trust in Scribetech.

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